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I have never stayed in a balcony room on a cruise because they're expensive and impractical

NCL stateroom

If you are someone in the process of planning a cruise, it's very likely you are deciding which stateroom type to book for your voyage at sea. 

The cruise line industry is ever-expanding, and this means that there are more and more kinds of cabins and staterooms for guests to choose from. These stateroom categories can range drastically in price, and when booking a stateroom type it is important to consider guests’ individual desires, budget, and needs for a vacation. 

I have had the privilege of sailing with some of the largest cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Disney Cruise Line. On all three of these brands, I have stayed in interior cabins.

NCL sun

Let me tell you why I think these interior staterooms might be the best option when considering a cruise vacation! 

Price and budget

Inside stateroom

It may be obvious, but one of the biggest advantages to booking an inside stateroom is the price point. 

For those guests looking for cruise travel on a budget, we highly recommend checking out an interior cabin, as they're often hundreds or thousands of dollars cheaper than some of the other stateroom categories onboard. Sometimes, these staterooms give guests the most value for their dollar. 

NCL Bliss

Passengers staying in these inside stateroom categories get to enjoy many of the complimentary amenities onboard that other guests staying in suites and more expensive stateroom categories also enjoy, but inside stateroom guests are typically paying much less overall. 

Carnival Ecstasy

Not all amenities or features onboard may be available to guests staying in interior cabins. For example, on many Norwegian Cruise Line vessels there is an exclusive area onboard called "The Haven" that includes a restaurant, lounge, bar, and pool area that can only be accessed by guests staying in these luxurious suites. 

However, if you are someone looking to experience all of the standard amenities onboard a cruise such as the complimentary entertainment, main pool area, buffet and dining rooms, and much more, a standard interior stateroom may be the perfect compromise between price and amenities. 

All the amenities you need

NCL indoor

Whenever I cruise, I discover that interior staterooms have everything guests could want!

Inside cabins always feature at least one bed. Much of the time, this bed can be split into two twin-sized beds and can be a great option for friends traveling together who wish to sleep in their own bed. 

Some interior staterooms even feature pullman beds for more than two guests, allowing three or even four people to stay in the same room! 

NCL bathroom

Plus, every inside stateroom has an ensuite bathroom that come complete with a shower, sink, toilet, an some minor counter space or small shelves for guests to store their toiletries. 

These bathrooms are usually rather minimalistic but completely functional. I have found some to be better than others; however they're always adequate for a cruise sailing. 


Each inside stateroom that I have stayed in has had ample storage for guests to utilize during their cruise. Most interior staterooms have a closet and at least a couple of drawers for passengers to store their belongings. 

You'll also find a telephone and hairdryer.  These small features can be helpful and make guests’ stays more comfortable. Passengers can use the phone inside their stateroom to call the front desk and various other areas around the ship, including other staterooms should they be traveling with others who are staying in a different cabin during their cruise vacation. 


Inside cabins also have a desk area, although the size does vary, and nightstands next to the bed (or beds). Near the vanity, guests will find at least a couple outlets in which to charge their electronics and devices. Newer ships will have more outlet options, but it is important that you be prepared in the event you're sailing on an older ship. 

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Mariner Inside Cabin

Essentially, every interior stateroom has everything guests could want or need to make a comfortable home at sea during their voyage; they have the proper amenities to make a great cruise for any passenger. 


NCL Bliss

Oftentimes, you'll find interior rooms on many different decks and locations onboard any given cruise ship. When it comes to choosing a stateroom location, there can be several important factors to consider. 

For example, guests who wish to be in close proximity to the top deck activities, such as the pool and buffet, should look at a higher deck cabin location. However, if guests are looking for a quiet area onboard for their stateroom, they might consider a middle deck. 

NCL six

In fact, for the most quiet rooms, I recommend finding a deck in the middle that is sandwiched between two other decks to consist entirely of staterooms. The staterooms that can often hear the most noise are rooms located below the pool deck or closer to other public venues. 

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Time spent in the cabin

Inside cabin MSC YC

One of the biggest reasons that choosing an interior stateroom might be the best fit for guests is not only because it is the cheapest, but also in due to the fact that guests do in fact tend to spend the least amount of time onboard a cruise in their room. Usually, passengers are busy exploring and participating in activities onboard their cruise ship. 

Because of this, much of the time a stateroom can be just a place to sleep for many guests. Of course this might not be true for every passenger, as many suites and larger category staterooms have their own unique and luxurious offerings and amenities. 


But for those guests okay with a smaller room and who are prioritizing the other areas onboard, an inside stateroom may be the perfect choice. 

From my own personal experience, I find that I definitely spend the least amount of time in my room during a cruise vacation. During my trips, I tend to be out and about exploring and spend very little time overall in my room. 

Again, this might not be true for everyone, but if you are someone who would rather save some money on the cost of your cruise, than an inside stateroom may be a perfect option. 



When it comes to choosing a cruise stateroom, there can be a lot to consider. However, for those looking to cruise on a budget and make the most of their money during a cruise voyage, an inside stateroom can be a great choice.

As always, we recommend researching the pros and cons of each stateroom category before booking. 

I have always enjoyed each cruise I have sailed on, and every interior stateroom has proved to be a great place to relax, unwind, and sleep during the voyage. Some inside staterooms might be nicer than others, but each can be a perfect option for those looking to cruise the cheapest way possible. 

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