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TikToker shared a video tour of a cruise ship Captain's room. It's tiny, but has a big bathroom.


While it's unlikely that you'll ever be given a personal tour of the Captain's living quarters onboard a cruise ship, TikTok user Kookie (@cruisingwithkay) had the opportunity last year while onboard Radiance of the Seas!

She was escorted by Captain Rumen Yovchev himself. Originally from Bulgaria, he has been with Royal Caribbean Group for seven years, working as the Captain and Staff Captain on ships such as Wonder of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, and Symphony of the Seas. 

Here's a glimpse into Captain Yovchev's cabin onboard Radiance of the Seas! 

Radiance of the Seas is the namesake ship of Royal Caribbean's Radiance Class


Having set sail in 2001, Radiance isn't the newest vessel at sea, and at just 90,090 gross registered tons, she certainly isn't the largest, either. 

At maximum capacity, Radiance can carry 2,466 passengers, whereas Icon of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship, can accommodate up to 7,600 guests. 

Despite being smaller, there are still numerous onboard amenities for guests to enjoy, such as a rock climbing wall, miniature golf course, and adults-only Solarium, as well as Izumi Sushi, Park Café, and, of course, the infamous Main Dining Room


Through 2025, you can find Radiance of the Seas sailing to Alaska, the Bahamas and Caribbean, Pacific Northwest, and Panama Canal. Her size allows her to offer more unique itineraries. She, for instance, makes one-way voyages in Alaska, whereas Ovation of the Seas only sails roundtrip from Seattle. 

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Captain Yovchev's cabin has a large entryway, followed by a nicely sized living and dining room


Those who have been on cruise ships know that cabins do not always feel like home. While there's no denying that they're cozy, they lack the comforts that we appreciate when are home, such as decor. 

To make his cabin feel a little more personalized, Captain Yovchev has numerous plants everywhere, including beside the dining table and on top of the coffee table. 

He also has two comfortable recliners facing the television, so he does not always have to sit on the sectional. 

While there aren't any windows, the master bedroom features a large bed and expansive ensuite bathroom


At first, I was a little shocked that the bathroom only had a single sink, as I've seen tours of other living quarters where they have two, such as Captain Kate McCue's room onboard Celebrity Edge. I was even more worried when I saw a single shower. Thankfully, the videographer eventually panned over to a soaking tub. Captain Yovchev said that he never uses it, though! 

Even if there wasn't a tub, the ensuite bathroom in his cabin is much larger than most elsewhere onboard the ship. The majority of standard cruise cabins have a small shower; I've fallen victim to hitting my elbow on the sliding door and/or wall more than once! 

He has a separate pantry, too


Inside Captain Yovchev's cabin, there's a decided pantry room with a full-sized refrigerator, as well as ample counter space. In the event that he does dirty up some dishes, he has a sink and trash can to discard any items. 

Since cruise lines are always worried about fires breaking out onboard, he doesn't have a fully equipped kitchen. This is common in living quarters. When Captain Johnny Faevelen was commanding Harmony of the Seas, a newer Royal Caribbean vessel, he took to social media to give viewers a look into his accommodations. 

This video revealed that he, too, lacked many amenities found in standard kitchens, such as an oven and range. 

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After the tour, Kookie was able to sit down with Captain Yovchev in his office and ask him a few personal questions


"Is there anything you want to say to your crew members?" was the first question she asked. "I have an amazing crew on the Radiance," he responded.

At the time in which she toured, the ship was on its seasonal deployment in Alaska, which is not an easy area to sail through. He remarked that thanks to his great crew, he's able to sleep well at night because he knows that they are ready to support him at any moment. 

"The life onboard is excellent...immediately [the guests] can feel how good the crew is," he went on to say. Smaller ships usually have a more intimate feel, and he praised his crew for providing that family style of cruising that people know and love. 

radiance calista

Her follow-up question was about how long he knew he wanted to command at ship. He said that beginning at around three years old, his father would take him to visit the cruise ships that visited Varna, Bulgaria. He got to visit The Bridge and meet numerous Captains. 

He told his classmates that's exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up: be the Captain of a cruise ship. 

Who is Kookie, AKA @cruisingwithkay?


Kookie, whose real name is Kailey, is currently a crew member onboard Spectrum of the Seas. Prior to that, she worked onboard Adventure of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas, among others, as a Youth Staff member

Her TikTok has amassed over 133,000 followers and 679,000 likes. She utilizes her social media to post day-in-the-life videos, as well as provide additional insight into what being a crew member onboard a cruise ship is truly like. 

Did you know, for instance, that crew cannot use the ship's casino? They also have access to crew-only areas with their own gym, bar, laundry room, and more. 

In a follow-up video, she compared Captain Yovchev's cabin to her own


Remember the spacious living and dining room that was separate from the pantry and master bedroom? Kookie revealed that her cabin and the Captain's were completely different! 

She, for instance, had to share a room with another crew member, and instead of having a luxurious ensuite, their bathroom was more akin to what most passengers experience, albeit a little more bare. 

Additionally, their cabin came equipped with just a small mini-fridge and single television, whereas the Captain had large TVs in both the bed and living room.  

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