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Cruise Line Alcohol Drink Packages Guide (2024)

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Unless you are sailing on a luxury cruise line, there is a good chance that you will have to pay extra for your alcoholic beverages while on your cruise. 

Most mainstream cruise lines offer guests the option to purchase a drink package, which includes either a fixed number or unlimited daily drinks for the duration of your cruise. With some lines that charge upwards of $16.00 per cocktail after the added gratuity, there is no wonder that these are popular cruise add-ons

The initial price of a drink package often results in "sticker shock," especially if you are going on a weeklong cruise where you have to multiply the daily price of the package by seven. 

That being said, the price is worth it to some who either plan on enjoying every moment of their vacation with a drink in hand or value the convenience of not receiving a large bill at the end of their cruise. 

Below is a guide that breaks down each of the mainstream cruise line's drink packages!

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival cruise beer

Carnival Cruise Line has a singular alcoholic drink package called CHEERS! The price is different depending on the length of your sailing. 

If you book the package onboard the ship for a 3, 4, or 5-night cruise, it will cost you $74.95 per day. The price decreases on sailings that are 6+ nights to $64.95 per day. Included in the package are up to 15 alcoholic beverages per day. 

There is an extensive selection of beverages to choose from, as you can order any spirit, cocktail, beer, or glass of wine that is valued at $20 or less. Additionally, you get a 25% discount off the menu price for any spirit or wine by the glass that is above $20, as well as any bottle of wine or champagne.

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It also includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, such as sodas, zero-proof frozen cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffee, hot tea, 500ml bottled water, and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages.

If you want to save a little bit of money, consider buying the package in advance. Carnival offers a 10% discount for all CHEERS! packages that are purchased by 11:59pm the day before embarkation and 9:00pm EST through the call center. This drops the daily price down to $59.95 per day for sailings that are 6+ nights or longer and $69.95 for shorter voyages!

In addition to their alcoholic package, Carnival also offers guests a soda package called Bottomless Bubbles. For $9.50 per adult and $6.95 per child, per day, those who purchase this package will be able to enjoy unlimited fountain beverages. 

Both packages will not work ashore at Half Moon Cay or Princess Cays. 

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Celebrity Cruises


Celebrity Cruises has two different alcoholic drink packages for guests to choose from: Classic and Premium. Note that if you booked the "All Included" fare, you will get the Classic Package; however, you have the option to upgrade to Premium for $24 per day. 

The Classic Package is their most basic alcoholic package that starts at $89.00 per person, per day. With this package, you can choose from select beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, and wines by the glass up to $10 per serving. Plus, you will also get 15% off all wines by the bottle, as well as juices, sodas, non-premium bottled water, and premium coffees and teas. If you order a beverage that is over the $10 limit, you will be charged the difference. 

The Premium Package, which starts at $109 per person, per day, is more inclusive than the Classic Package. Each guest that purchases this package will get specialty coffees and teas, craft and artisanal beers, spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, Coca-Cola products, premium bottled water, and wines by the glass up to $17 per serving. You will be responsible for paying the difference for any drink that is above $17, and instead of a 15% discount off of all wines by the bottle, the package includes a higher 20% discount.

Celebrity Ascent

For those under the legal drinking age or who do not consume a lot of alcohol, there is the Zero Proof Drink Package, which costs $30 per person, per day. It includes premium bottled water, specialty coffees and organic teas, Vitamin Water, Red Bull, bottled ice teas, frozen smoothies, zero-proof cocktails, Coca-Cola products, as well as drinks from the Aqua Spa.

Any of the packages allow you to get unlimited drinks at just about every restaurant or bar on any Celebrity ship, Perfect Day at CocoCay, and Labadee, Haiti. 

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Disney Cruise Line

Castaway Cay Paddleboarding

Disney Cruise Line is one of the few mainstream cruise lines that does not offer any inclusive alcohol packages, and since soda is included in their base fare, there are not any non-alcoholic packages, either. 

Disney, however, does offer discounts on wine and beer when you purchase multiple beverages at once. 

With standard wines, you can get three bottles for $98, four for $128, five for $153, or seven for $206. Premium wines are more expensive and start at $148 for three bottles, $196 for four, $240 for four, and $316 for seven. 

When it comes to beer, you can purchase a six-pack for $33.75. You can also get a beer mug for $15.25 which allows you to get a 21 oz. draft beer for the price of a 16 oz. beer. And, finally, six Truly hard seltzers cost $25. 

Holland America Line

HAL Volendam

Like Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line has two alcoholic drink packages: Elite and Signature. 

The Signature Package is the lowest-tiered one and starts at $54.95 per person, per day. You will be able to choose from select beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines by the glass up to $11 per serving. The package also includes non-alcoholic beverages, including Coca-Cola products, specialty coffees, juices, mocktails, and bottled water. 

The Elite Package starts at $59.99 per person, per day, and allows you to select from a wider array of beers, premium spirits, cocktails, and wines by the glass up to $15 per serving. Plus, you get the same non-alcoholic options as the Signature Package. 

tom collins

Holland America Line's Quench Package is a non-alcoholic option that starts at $17.95 per day. It, too, is limited in that you can only order 15 drinks per day of your cruise, whether that be Coca-Cola products, specialty coffees, juices, mocktails, or bottled water. 

Note that both packages have a daily 15 drink limit for both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages. In other words, if you get two beers, two bottles of water, and a specialty coffee in a single day, you will be able to order ten more beverages. They also cannot be used at Half Moon Cay

They also have a Coca-Cola package that starts at $8 per person, per day. The only thing included with this package is unlimited fountain soda. Any other beverages, such as specialty coffees or cocktails, will be billed to your onboard account. 

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Princess Cruises

Sky Princess aerial

Guests sailing on Princess Cruises may choose from the Plus or Premier Beverage Package. The Plus Beverage Package starts at $64.99 per person, per day and includes the following beverages up to $15 each: cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, specialty coffees fountain sodas, bottled water, and fresh juices and healthy smoothies (juice bar).

It includes 50 spirits, 25 different wines by the glass, and 25 beers, as well as all specialty coffees & non-alcoholic drinks. You will also get a 25% discount on wine bottles and on large bottles of water and cans of soda. 

The Premier Beverage Package starts at $84.99 per day; however, it includes top-shelf beverages that are valued up to $20 each. 

Bloody Mary

You will be able to choose from a more extensive list of top-shelf spirits, reserve and premier wines by the glass (including Duckhorn, Stag's Leap, Grgich Hills, and Cattier Champagne), new high-end crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd, Private Woodford Reserve Bourbon Selection created exclusively for Princess, a personalized Jack Daniel's Whiskey Single Barrel Select, and a 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages), large bottles of water, and cans of soda.

Princess Cruises also offers two non-alcoholic packages: the Zero Alcohol Package and Classic Soda Package. At $14.99 per day, the latter is the cheapest and includes all sodas, fruit juices, mocktails, and smoothies. The Zero Alcohol Package costs $29.99 per day; however, it includes more to choose from: premium coffees and teas, sodas, fresh juices and smoothies, hot chocolate, mocktails, bottled water, San Pellegrino, Evian, and Red Bull. 

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MSC Cruises

MSC World America

MSC Cruises has five different drink packages for passengers to choose from. The first is their Minors Package, which allows kids to enjoy unlimited non-alcoholic cocktails, fresh fruit and protein cocktails, energy drinks, flavored water, soda, a wide range of hot drinks, and soft-serve ice cream. Note that this package cannot be used in specialty restaurants or signature venues. 

They also have an Alcohol-Free Package; however, this is meant for adults who are actively choosing not to purchase an alcoholic package. It includes the same offerings as the Minors Package. 

The most basic alcohol package is called the Easy Package, which includes selected classic or international cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks, spirits (whisky, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, brandy - one brand per type), souse wines (red, white, sparkling, rosè), Heineken beer, soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled mineral water, and select hot drinks. 

One step above is the Easy Plus Package. With this package, you will get all beverages prices up to $10 (€9), such as a variety of frozen and classic cocktails; fresh fruit cocktails and protein shakes; well spirits, liqueurs and cordials; a variety of draught and bottled beers; non-alcoholic cocktails and all non-alcoholic drinks; bottled Mineral Water; a wide range of hot drinks; a 10% discount on bottles of wine purchased on board, and selection of wines by the glass.

Infinity pool on MSC Seashore

Finally, those looking for a more inclusive cruising experience will want to select the Premium Extra Package, as it includes all beverages priced up to $16 (€14). The offerings are similar to those of the Easy Plus Package; however, you will get more variety with premium brands of spirits, liqueurs, and cordials, as well as fine wines by the glass. 

In March 2023, MSC Cruises announced that they were going to raise the prices of their drink packages. The current pricing is as follows:

  • Easy: $49 per day for short sailings and $46 for long sailings
  • Easy Plus: $64 per day for short sailings and $61 for long sailings
  • Premium Extra: $88 per day for short sailings and $85 for long sailings
  • Alcohol-Free: $30 per day for short sailings and $28 for long sailings
  • Minors: $21 per day for short sailings and $19 for long sailings

A long sailing is defined as a cruise that is over 7 nights. If you book in advance, you can save up to 15% compared to onboard pricing. 

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Norwegian Cruise Line


Norwegian Cruise Line's "Free at Sea" promotion allows guests to bundle certain cruise add-ons with the price of their base fare. You can, for instance, add a drink package or specialty dining experience and only be responsible for paying the gratuities. 

If you get a drink package through "Free at Sea," it will be the Unlimited Open Bar Package. This is Norwegian's lowest-tier alcoholic package that comes with some restrictions and is not completely inclusive. With this package, you will get select cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine by the glass valued under $15; unlimited soft drinks and juices; and 20% off all bottles of wine and champagne. 

If you would like to upgrade to the Premium Plus Package, you can do so for $29 per person, per day. Likewise, if you opt to wait to get a drink package, it can be purchased separately once you place your cruise deposit. As of April 2024, the current pricing is $109 per person, per day. 


The Premium Plus Beverage Package is the more expensive of the two alcoholic package options and can either be purchased as an upgrade or after the booking is made for $138 per person, per day. 

This package gets you the widest selection of beverages to include during your cruise, including all top-shelf cocktails, spirits, beer, champagne, and wine by the glass; select bottles of premium champagne and wine with dinner and 40% off all other bottles; unlimited soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, and bottles of still and sparkling water; and Starbucks coffee and specialty drinks.

Speaking of Starbucks, Norwegian offers an Unlimited Starbucks Package for $12.95 per person, per day, which allows you to get your favorite premium brews and specialty coffees as much as you like!

NCL spice h20

The other non-alcoholic option is the Unlimited Soda Package that's offered to guests of all ages 3+. For $9.95 per person, per day, you can enjoy unlimited fountain soda for the duration of your cruise with options like Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Fanta, and Soda Water. 

Finally, if you are sailing on Pride of America around Hawaii, you will only have one alcoholic beverage package option. It costs $109 per person, per day, and includes a wide selection of beverages up to $15 for the entire duration of your sailing. Additionally, you will be able to get non-alcoholic beverages, including soda, juices, and bottled still and sparkling water.

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Royal Caribbean

Independence of the Seas

All of Royal Caribbean's drink packages are unlimited, meaning that you will be able to enjoy as many drinks as you want for a fixed price regardless of whether it is alcoholic or not. When it comes to pricing, however, Royal Caribbean uses a variable pricing model. This means that the price per night varies based on ship, itinerary, and sail date; there is no "set" price for drink packages. 

There are three different packages to choose from: the Deluxe Beverage Package, Royal Refreshment Package, and the Classic Soda Package. The Deluxe Beverage Package includes all cocktails, beers, and wines by the glass valued up to $13.00, plus soda, non-alcoholic cocktails, bottled still and sparkling water, specialty teas and coffees, Johnny Rockets shakes, and freshly squeezed juices. 

Coco Beach Club Bar

In addition, you will get a 40% discount on bottles of wine under $100 and 20% off bottles above $100 in bars and dining rooms. The price per day ranges from $63 to $102 per person. 

Royal Caribbean's inclusive non-alcoholic package is the Royal Refreshment Package, which ranges from $29 to $39 per person, per day. It includes all non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails), Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages and soda refills, bottled still and sparkling water, specialty teas and coffees, Johnny Rockets shakes, and freshly squeezed juices. Finally, at $12.99 to $15 per person, per day, the Classic Soda Package is their cheapest drink package and only includes soda. 

When you buy a Royal Caribbean drink package in advance, you will save money compared to the onboard prices. Their online Cruise Planner portal has sales that can see a 40% discount. Normally, however, the discount falls somewhere between 10% and 30%. 

Virgin Voyages


Virgin Voyages does not offer any drink packages. Their website states, "No complicated drinks packages with unreasonable rules here. Just good value for all." 

Beers average $5-$6, while you will find a generous selection of cocktails under $9. Plus, 42% of wines by the glass are under $10.

Depending on the ongoing promotions, you might be offered a bar tab when booking. This is essentially free money that you can use towards drink purchases onboard and at The Beach Club at Bimini. If you purchase a $300 bar tab money in advance, Virgin Voyages will add an additional $50, so long as it is 24 hours prior to sailing. 

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