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13 MSC Cruises Drink Packages Tips and Tricks (2024)

Drink cocktail

Drink packages are a popular add-on for cruisers who want to save money or are worried about an unexpectedly large bill at the end of their cruise.

MSC Cruises offers their customers five different drink packages to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you want a few beers and a glass of wine or a more extensive package that provides top-shelf spirits, champagne, and specialty coffees, there is an option for everyone. 

Future cruisers should consider the cost of the package, how many non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages that they think they will drink each day, and any perks they have based on their cabin type before automatically purchasing a drink package. 

Here are the best 13 tips and tricks for everyone who might be considering a drink package on their next MSC cruise. 

First, you should know about the different packages and what's included with each

Easy Package

MSC Cruises Easy Package

The Easy Package is MSC Cruises’ most basic option. With this package, you won’t be able to order just anything, as it has the most limitations out of any of their alcoholic packages. That being said, there are no limits as to how many drinks you can order per day, unlike other mainstream cruise lines. 

If you select the Easy Package, you will be able to enjoy the following on your next cruise:

  • Selected classic or international cocktails
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Spirits (whisky, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, brandy - one brand per type)
  • House wines (red, white, sparkling, rosè)
  • Draft and bottled Heineken (note that the brand of beer is subject to change)
  • Soft drinks from the fountain, canned soft drinks, fruit juices by the glass, and bottled
  • Bottled Mineral Water
  • Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffèlatte, hot tea, hot chocolate) 

The Easy Package can be used in onboard bars, the buffet, or the main dining room; however, you will not be able to use it at specialty restaurants or signature venues. 

Easy Plus Package

MSC Cruises Easy Plus drink package

While slightly more expensive, the Easy Plus Package offers a wider selection of beverages to enjoy throughout their cruise, such as:

  • Variety of frozen and classic cocktails
  • Fresh fruit cocktails and protein shakes
  • Well spirits, liqueurs, and cordials
  • Variety of draught and bottled beers
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails and all non-alcoholic drinks 
  • Bottled Mineral Water
  • Wide range of hot drinks
  • 10% discount on bottles of wine purchased on board
  • Selection of wines by the glass

One big difference between this package and the Easy Package is that it can be used in specialty restaurants. If you foresee yourself dining at places like Kaito Sushi Bar or Butcher's Cut, you might want to pay the extra, so you can enjoy drinks during dinner. 

Premium Extra Package

MSC Cruises Premium extra drink package

For the most inclusive alcohol package, future MSC cruises will want to look at the Premium Extra Package. With this option, you will have the following included throughout your entire cruise: 

  • Wide Selection of Premium and International cocktails
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails and all non-alcoholic drinks
  • Fresh fruit and protein cocktails
  • Premium brand spirits, liqueurs and cordials
  • Wide selection of fine wine by glass
  • Champagne by glass
  • Wide variety of draft and bottled beer
  • Bottled Mineral Water
  • Wide selection of classic and specialty hot drinks
  • 25% discount on purchases of bottled wine and champagne

Alcohol-Free Package

Alcohol free drink package

While some may love to indulge in a few more alcoholic drinks than usual on vacation, others might prefer a wider variety of non-alcoholic drinks, such as premium coffee, soft drinks, and mocktails. If that sounds like you, then you might be interested in MSC Cruises' Alcohol-Free Package:

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Fresh fruit and protein cocktails
  • Energy drinks
  • Sodas
  • Flavored water
  • Wide range of hot drinks
  • Soft serve ice cream

Like the Easy Package, you cannot use the Alcohol-Free Package in any specialty restaurants. 

Minors Package

Minor drink package

The Minors Package is only available for guests between the ages of 3 and 12 on itineraries in North America and the Caribbean. Guests between the ages of 13 and 20 will have to purchase the Alcohol-Free Package. 

For sailings in Europe, it applies to guests between 3 and 17 years old:

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Fresh fruit and protein cocktails
  • Energy drinks
  • Flavored water
  • Soda by glass and bottle
  • Wide range of hot drinks
  • Soft serve ice cream

How much do drinks cost onboard MSC ships if paid for individually?


When debating whether or not a drink package is worth the cost, it is important to know how much drinks cost when purchased á la carte. 

  • Cocktails range from $10 for classic options, such as a classic margarita or Bloody Mary, to $16 for premium options like Hendrick's Gin and Tonic. 
  • Beers cost $7.50 for a 12oz can or bottle. If you want a 4oz pour of Heineken, you'll only spend $4.50 per drink. 
  • Spirits vary in pricing; however, there are plenty in the $9 to $12 range, including Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Bacardi Rum, and Tito's Vodka.
  • Canned sodas cost $3.50, while those served in a glass are slightly cheaper, at $3.00 per drink. 
  • Like spirits, there are a variety of different wines served onboard. You can, however, find some glasses that are under $12 per serving, such as Valdo Prosecco, Danzante Pinot Grigio, and Mirassou Pinot Noir. 
  • Coffees and teas range from $2.50 for an espresso to $4.25 for a caffè latte. 
  • Bottled water costs $3.25 for a 17oz bottle or $6.50 for a 34oz bottle. 

How much are each of the MSC drink packages?


Now that you're aware of the average drink prices onboard, let's talk about how much the drink packages actually cost. 

On a 7-night cruise, the Easy Package will run around $322 per adult, or $46 per day. In the world of cruise ship drink packages, that is on the low end. It isn't uncommon to see Royal Caribbean's Deluxe Drink Package costing upwards of $75 per day before gratuities! 

Moving to the Easy Plus Package, this will cost you a little bit more, or $61 per day. This means that the total cost for a 7-night cruise would be $427 per adult. 

The most expensive option is the Premium Extra Package, which costs $85 per day or $595 for a 7-night cruise. 

The Alcohol-Free Package costs $28 per day, while the Minors Package runs $19 per day. 

Note that if you're going on a sailing that is less than 7 nights, the package prices are more expensive. The Easy Package, for instance, costs $49 per day on sailings that are 6 nights or less. Similarly, the Easy Plus Package 

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Gratuities are included in the cost


When you purchase an MSC drink package, you won't have to worry about paying extra for gratuities, as they are included in the cost of each and every package. 

If you don't have a package, there will be a 15% service charge added to each drink purchase. This means that a $10 glass of wine actually costs $11.50. 

Drink packages can be used at MSC private island, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, in The Bahamas

MSC Ocean Cay

Does your itinerary include a stop at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve? If so, you're in luck! You can use your drink package all day while ashore. There's nothing quite like sipping a fruity cocktail while wading in the clear waters of The Bahamas, right? 

Other mainstream cruise lines (i.e., Carnival Cruise Line) make you pay for drinks on their private island even if you purchased their drink package! If you plan on drinking all day by the ocean, this can add a significant chunk to your final cruise bill, especially after splurging on a drink package. 

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What is not included with any of the drink packages?

Comedy Club MSC World America

No matter what drink package you purchase, you will not be able to use it in any of MSC Cruises' signature venues, such as Venchi 1878 establishments or Jean-Philippe Maury. 

Can you use the Minors Package in specialty restaurants?

oriental plaza

The Minors Package can only be used in specialty restaurants if the minor's traveling party purchased either the Easy Plus or Premium Extra Package. If the parents of a minor got the Easy Package, nobody will be able to utilize the package's benefits in a specialty restaurant.

If you're thinking about purchasing a dining package, it's worth considering one of the two more inclusive packages. 

If one adult purchases a drink package, minors have to get a package, too


The Minors Package must be purchased for all guests traveling in the same reservation with adults who decide to buy a drink package. 

If you're cruising to the Caribbean with a 14-year-old, they'll have to get the Alcohol-Free Package. Thankfully, there's not much of a price difference between the two. The Alcohol-Free Package costs $28 per night on cruises that are 7 nights or longer, while the Minors Package is only $9 less, or $19 per day.  

Drink packages are included in the base fare of MSC's luxurious Yacht Club

MSC deluxe suite

If you decide to splurge on a Yacht Club stateroom, you will benefit from an all-inclusive experience. 

Not only is high-speed internet included, but you will also get a Premium Extra Package, so you can enjoy top-shelf liquor, high-quality wines, an array of non-alcoholic beverages, and more. 

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy complimentary access to the Thermal Suite in the MSC Aurea Spa, as well as a 10% discount on all treatments.

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Unlike other mainstream cruise lines, MSC Cruises doesn't allow any alcohol to be brought onboard on embarkation day

MSC Seashore Cozumel

If you were hoping to save some money by bringing a bottle of wine or two onboard with you, sorry! MSC Cruises doesn't allow any passengers to bring alcohol with them during the embarkation process. This includes beer, wine, and liquor. 

If you're caught with any, it'll be confiscated, and you won't be able to enjoy it during your vacation. 

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There are some itineraries where you cannot purchase a drink package


If you're sailing to the Caribbean, Europe, or even the Middle East, you will be able to decide whether you'll benefit from an MSC drink package or not. Sailings to China and South Africa, however, do not offer drink packages. 

Similarly, due to Saudi Law, alcohol is not served when an MSC ship is docked in Saudi Arabian ports. It is available to everyone onboard when the ship is in international waters, though. 

Pre-cruise discounts are available


If you get your drink package prior to embarking on your cruise, you will benefit from a 15% discount. This means that if you are certain that you want a drink package, it would behoove you to buy it through MSC Cruises' online planning portal. 

You can even bundle your cruise fare with a drink package during the booking process


Sometimes, you might even be able to bundle internet and a drink package when you make your initial booking. When looking at Caribbean cruises in June 2024, a 7-night cruise onboard MSC Magnifica begins at $699 per person. 

If, however, I want to maximize my value, I can pay an extra $290 per person. With the more expensive rate, I would get an Easy Package, as well as the Browse Wi-Fi Package. Considering that the Easy Package would cost $322 alone, this is well worth it!

This may help you decide whether you want a package or not. It's much easier to get your money's worth by bundling, rather than purchasing each add-on individually. 

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